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Our platform goes beyond traditional career exploration by providing short-form videos that showcase the real emotions and experiences of tradespeople. This innovative approach helps students to not only understand the logical aspects of choosing a career, like salary and job security, but also to connect on an emotional level, considering how a career can fulfill personal values and passions.

Empower Futures with Career Conversations

Seamlessly incorporate discussions about building trades into your curriculum with our tailored resources. Our platform offers engaging content that aligns with educational standards, making it easier for you to guide students toward fulfilling careers.

Using AI and Short Form Video to Deliver Real Time Assessments

Dive deeper into the world of building trades with our pioneering tool that brings the daily lives of tradesmen and women to your classroom through short-form videos, akin to the engaging style of TikTok. Our platform is not just about presenting facts and figures; it’s about connecting students with the heart and soul of working in the trades.

With our platform, you’re not just choosing a job; you’re paving the path for your future. Access to comprehensive career guidance, educational requirements, and potential growth opportunities empowers you to make decisions that align with your aspirations.

Discover a world where career choices are driven by passion, fulfillment, and the real-life experiences of trades professionals.

Our platform encourages you to explore careers with your heart and mind. It’s about finding a career that resonates with you on every level.